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The SE22 Piano School is running a competition on Instagram. Win a 1-to-1 Music Aptitude Test scholarship preparation lesson in September 2023. All the info is here:

We have some special offers this Summer for our students at the SE22 Piano School. Leave us a review on Google or Facebook and you will receive either a free 15-minute phone call or a 30-minute lesson to help you prepare for the Music Aptitude Test. We recommend starting to prepare for this test in Year 4 or 5 onwards. The test takes place in Autumn of Year 6 for your chosen secondary school. Many of our students have Kingsdale at the top of their list as this is very near to us. Haberdashers, Norwood and Prendergast are popular choices too that all use the same test. Here is what we cover in a 1-to-1 lesson:

Speak to your teacher for more information about the Music Aptitude Test in September if you would like to start preparing for a scholarship. Early preparation is advised as the scholarship places are highly competitive.

Many other schools across the UK use these tests and we can tailor the lesson to the exact needs of your chosen school. We also prepare students for private school scholarship to JAGS, Dulwich College, Alleyn’s just to name a few of our local schools in Southwark.

Piano Lessons in East Dulwich at the SE22 Piano School

Piano Lessons in East Dulwich at the SE22 Piano School

The SE22 Piano School stands out as the best piano school in South London due to its exceptional combination of highly qualified instructors, comprehensive curriculum, personalised teaching approach, and a track record of consistently producing outstanding results. With a strong emphasis on individualised attention and a supportive learning environment, the school has gained a reputation for nurturing students’ musical talents, fostering a deep understanding of piano technique, and enabling them to reach their full potential as musicians. Additionally, the school’s commitment to staying abreast of the latest teaching methods and incorporating innovative technologies ensures that students receive the most up-to-date and effective instruction available.

View our latest vacancies here:

First Week Back at School

We reopened the doors of our piano school in East Dulwich after 6 months closure during COVID-19 restrictions. Our first week back went extremely well with all students, teachers and parents on board with the new safety measures that are helping us keep everybody safe.

We’ve also had a record number of enquiries for September thanks to the Dulwich Diverter cover feature and advert. We are nearly at maximum capacity now so we’ll be adding in an extra day of piano lessons on Friday afternoon to start this week so do enquire if you are looking to learn the piano. Our vacancies page has just been updated here although it gets out of date very quickly so do email if you’d like to find out the current vacancies as this is changing daily. We teach adults and children from the age of 4.