Music Aptitude Test training for secondary state school admissions

Half-term is over and we’re thinking ahead to this Autumn when many students will sit the Music Aptitude Tests for schools such as Habs, Kingsdale and Prendergast in South London. Further afield, there are many schools throughout the UK also using this system.

Join us for a 1-to-1 session to help Year 4, 5 and 6 musicians prepare for the upcoming Music Scholarships for 2019 state secondary admissions.

The session will focus on Music Aptitude Test training that is the first round of the selective music intake process.

If you would like to focus on Round Two, do bring your instrument (if possible) and we will listen to your audition piece(s) and give advice on performance as well as prep the interview questions with you. We have a piano available for your use as well as an accompanist so please both music parts if accompanied.

This is an individual group training session lasting 1 hour.

Where can I find out the term dates for lessons?

Dear Pianists

We receive a high number of emails every week asking about term dates even though we provide this information to you in multiple formats. Please note our admin team are unable to respond to emails requesting term dates.

Here is where you can find term dates at any time:

  1. On the home page of our web site
  2. On the most recent invoice which is always payable on the last Monday of each half-term for the following half-term.
  3. On the auto reply of our Gmail.
  4. On the group newsletters sent once per half-term. If you do not receive these then please sign up here.
  5. On your weekly teaching notes sent by your teacher.

Here is the graphic from our homepage with the current term dates. If you require any further assistance, please speak to your teacher.

Gift Vouchers for Piano Lessons in East Dulwich

We have a super simple way for you to gift piano lessons for adults or children age 4+. Print our voucher and then use the Eventbrite booking page to book the lessons at times that are convenient for you.

Please note we cannot refund or reschedule lessons for any reason as our teachers travel a long way to work on specific days of the week so they will be paid for the lesson once it is booked. If you are unwell then we can offer you the lesson on Zoom. We will send you the Zoom links a few days before your lesson just in case you are unable to attend. You do not need to email us if you are opting for a Zoom lesson as all teachers are logged on Zoom for the duration of their shift due to the high numbers of students not attending due to Covid reasons at the moment.

Nb. we do not have a full-time administrator at the piano school but if you need to email us then please allow 3-5 working days for a response. Lessons take place at our studio in East Dulwich at 85 Pellatt Road.

Book online:

January 2022: Winter Recital

Winter Piano Recital in Dulwich Village for our music students and teachers

We are running our student recital in-person but there is a strong possibility we will have to split the event into two halves as the venue will probably cap audience numbers. We will confirm this very soon with all ticket holders.

Here is the list of participants. All performers will receive a medal and a certificate. Download Certificates

  1. Percy Dixon
  2. Kanishna Sarveswaran
  3. Anaïs Miemczyk
  4. Freddie Sym
  5. Arthur Sym
  6. Agnes Heaton
  7. Anthony Rendell-Dunn
  8. Orla Coulthard
  9. Gia Galassi
  10. Austin Niu
  11. Luca-Daniel Cenusa
  12. Luca Mihai
  13. Kaitlyn Ionescu
  14. Alex Breaban
  15. Luca Teodorescu
  16. Isabelle Ionescu
  17. Mario Constantin Hulborea
  18. Cristiane Vasiliu
  19. Francesco Fira