Music Aptitude Test training for 2023 Admissions

It’s that time of year again when we start receiving lots of enquiries for 1-to-1 tuition to help Year 5 students prepare for the upcoming Music Scholarship exams.

We are offering Zoom tuition to help you prepare for the Music Aptitude Tests and you can book this online. If you do not see a suitable time or date please keep checking back as we will add more dates. Our teachers have the most availability during the half-term break and Summer holidays. During term-time we have some space on Friday and Saturday as detailed in the schedule here. No other times are available and we are unable to offer phone or email support before you book a lesson due to the high number of enquiries we receive every day.


We also have training tests available to help familiarise you with the style of tests you will hear on the day. Please note these will never be the exact same test you will hear as every single school uses a different test and it changes each year. However we have been using the tests successfully to help students gain places at their chosen schools and they are best used with the assistance of your music teacher. We advise practising earlier rather than last minute for the test!


Music Aptitude Test training for secondary state school admissions

Half-term is over and we’re thinking ahead to this Autumn when many students will sit the Music Aptitude Tests for schools such as Habs, Kingsdale and Prendergast in South London. Further afield, there are many schools throughout the UK also using this system.

Join us for a 1-to-1 session to help Year 4, 5 and 6 musicians prepare for the upcoming Music Scholarships for 2019 state secondary admissions.

The session will focus on Music Aptitude Test training that is the first round of the selective music intake process.

If you would like to focus on Round Two, do bring your instrument (if possible) and we will listen to your audition piece(s) and give advice on performance as well as prep the interview questions with you. We have a piano available for your use as well as an accompanist so please both music parts if accompanied.

This is an individual group training session lasting 1 hour.

Summer Recital & Awards Ceremony Photos

If your child’s photo is missing please let your teacher know as we had a lot of photos to sort through but have done our best to ensure there is at least one photo of each performer. Right click on the gallery to save the photos. Please note these photos may appear on our social media or printed adverts unless you have emailed us in advance of the concert to specify otherwise.

Summer Lessons for SE22 Piano School students

Music Aptitude Test Scholarship and Piano Lessons in Penge

Music Lessons in Penge or online on Zoom

Please note that none of our teachers are offering lessons in East Dulwich during Summer as we all live quite far away now. However here are the other options available to you for extra lessons in Summer:

Zoom Lessons
Mirna is offering music lessons online only during the Summer holidays on Tuesday and Wednesdays from 10am to 1pm (except for 15-24 August). You can use these lessons for music scholarship preparation or piano/singing lessons. Charged at the usual rates and invoiced separately. Email to book a session, either 30 or 60 minutes (£40/£80). Available dates can be viewed here. Nb. higher rates apply to non-SE22 Piano School students for Zoom lessons.

Piano/Theory/Music Scholarship Lessons in Person in SE20 (Penge)
Lorraine is offering lessons in SE20 and these are at a discounted rate of £30/30 mins or £60/60 minutes for SE22 Piano School students only* during the Summer break. You can also use these sessions for Music Aptitude Test and scholarship audition preparation.

Dates for Piano or Scholarship Lessons in Penge:

August 1st, 2nd, 9th, 11th, 15th, 16th, 30th : 11am to 1pm

*Higher rates apply to non-SE22 Piano School students that require music scholarship preparation.

Ashmole Academy Music Aptitude Test

About the Aptitude Places:
The 20 places of the 261 available places in Year 7 will be allocated to children who show an aptitude for music, namely those who have demonstrated potential to develop musical skill and who will benefit from the music related facilities of the Academy. No previous knowledge or experience of musical practice or theory is necessary.

Children for whom an aptitude place is sought will be invited to attend a written musical aptitude test at the Academy. The test will take approximately forty minutes to complete, and will consist of approximately sixty questions relating to music, including pitch, shape, volume, lengths of sound, texture and speed of sound.

Ashmole-Academy-2019-Musical-Aptitude-Test For help with training test materials to familiarise you with the MAT, visit this site: We can also offer you 1-to-1 lessons to help you feel well-prepared and confident on the day of the test.