Music Aptitude Test training for secondary state school admissions

Half-term is over and we’re thinking ahead to this Autumn when many students will sit the Music Aptitude Tests for schools such as Habs, Kingsdale and Prendergast in South London. Further afield, there are many schools throughout the UK also using this system.

Join us for a 1-to-1 session to help Year 4, 5 and 6 musicians prepare for the upcoming Music Scholarships for 2019 state secondary admissions.

The session will focus on Music Aptitude Test training that is the first round of the selective music intake process.

If you would like to focus on Round Two, do bring your instrument (if possible) and we will listen to your audition piece(s) and give advice on performance as well as prep the interview questions with you. We have a piano available for your use as well as an accompanist so please both music parts if accompanied.

This is an individual group training session lasting 1 hour.

SE22 Piano School Timetable 2021/2022 Academic Year

Here is the timetable for September 2021 to July 2022. As always your lesson time and day remains the same each week. Please note we cannot alter any of the times below.

Harris Students – lesson information TBC once school resumes.

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Dates for your diary (also available to view on our web site):
6 September – 24 October (7 lessons)
1 Nov – 18 December (7 lessons)
Payment due 5pm 18 October (for Nov/Dec)
Payment due 5pm 13 December (for Jan/Feb)

If you have not yet settled your invoice or you paid late and did not get your allocated space, please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate you in an alternative space.

Monday (Lorraine) 
3.30 Arran 
4.00 Freddie S
4.30 Amelie 
5.00 William 
5.30 Alessio 
6.00 Rowan/Mara

Monday (Alexandra) 
3.45 Agnes
4.15 Alex W
4.45 Elektra
5.15 Scarlett
5.45 Eva J
6.15 Zoe 
6.45 Isabelle
7.15 Bonnie 

Tuesday (Lorraine)
4.45 Eve
5.15 Lewis
6.15 Colm
6.45 Arthur

Tuesday (Alexandra) 
3.45 Ania
4.15 Ella B (Anthony from Nov)
4.45 Jaya  
5.15 Raphaelle
5.45 Luca
6.15 Thomas
6.45 Bella 

Wednesday (Alex) 
3.20 Anais
3.50 Lily
4.20 Anthony (1 hour from Nov)
4.50 Max 
5.20 Danny
5.50 Ella L
6.20 Orla 
6.50 Joe L 
7.20 Francesca 

Wednesday (Rachael)
3.30 Steve (45 mins) 
4.15 Vacant
4.45 Alfred 
5.30 Felix 
6.15 Susannah 
6.45 Aram 

Thursday (Ben)
3.30 Zac F
4.00 Andréea
4.30 Owen
5.00 Phoebe 
5.30 Eva  
6.00 Sam (Vacant from November)
6.30 Meredith
7.00 Iona (switch to 6.30pm?)

Thursday (Maria)
4.00 Yanni (Consultation 16 September)
4.30 Zachary
5.00 Mila (preference for 5pm – 6pm)(Consultation 16 September)
5.30 Teodor (Consultation 16 September)

Friday (Mirna)
3.30 Iris (guitar)
4.00 Fred 
4.30 Ollie 
5.00 Nina 
5.30 Alex A
6.00 Viviana (vacant from November)
6.30 Zachary (30 mins) 
7.00 MAT

Friday (Lorraine)
3.30 Lucia 
4.00 Leyla
4.30 Willow 
5.00 Lochie 
5.30 Daniel (MAT 24 Sept)

Saturday (Alex) 
09.30 Azizan 
10.00 Vacant
10.30 Reuben
11.00 Alice 
11.30 Evie
12.00 Raleigh 
12.30 Kanishna 
13.00 Bill 

Saturday (Mirna) 
08.30 Diya 
09.00 Hannah L 
09.30 Ava 
10.00 Joe (1 hour)
11.00 Reggie
11.30 William 
12.00 Francesca 
12.30 Alexandra
1.00 Zach B
1.30 Sophie
2.00 Lunch Break
3.00 Atlas
3.30 Aran 
4.00 Eva 
4.30 Jan A 
5.00 MAT Lessons every week until end of October (1 hour)

Saturday (Ben)
1.30 Luke (from 18 Sept)
2.00 Gabriel
2.30 Iris
3.00 Vacant

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We are delighted to have made the finals in this category and would really appreciate your vote.

Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School: Music Aptitude Test

You can prepare for the Music Aptitude Tests at Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School by using the following specimen tests that are indicative of the style of test used:

From the School’s Admissions document: In view of the school’s tradition of excellence in music the governors will admit girls with musical aptitude, up to a maximum of 17 places without undermining the Catholic ethos of the school. Musical aptitude will be determined on the basis of a music aptitude assessment. Priority will be given to those who show the most aptitude on assessment. Additional music training and activities will be provided by the school and these students will be expected to participate in these activities. Music aptitude assessment tests will take place in the Autumn term and you will be informed, before the school application deadline whether your daughter has passed. Please note that a pass does not equate to a guarantee of a place at the school.

The auditions will take place this Autumn when term resumes. Please note we have good availability in August for 1-to-1 lessons to help you prepare. However when term starts we will be busy with our weekly teaching commitments so we will be offering a much reduced service for Zoom lessons so do book soon rather than leaving it until the last minute.