10th July Music Concert Information

Please wear a mask to the event (age 11+).


St Barnabas Parish Hall, 23 Dulwich Village, London SE21 7BT.
Parking available on nearby streets. No dedicated parking at venue.

Here are the certificates to download:

All performers will receive a medal.

Concert 1: 5.05pm Start.

We can only admit 4 people per bubble including performers. Please do not exceed this number as the venue will be checking on capacity which is strictly limited during lockdown. 

Please do not email asking for any more audience tickets as this unfortunately cannot be accommodated due to the lockdown rules stipulated by the venue.

On arrival please arrange your seating in your bubble and stay 2 metres apart from other groups. 

Here is the order of play for the first concert. You are welcome to announce your pieces. Please pick your favourite piece(s) to perform and don’t forget to bring your music books with you.

Willow Gold
Mikhael Walji
Eva Jarrett
Orla Coulthard
Percy Dixon
Eve O’Donovan
Joe Borthwick
Viviana West
After the performance we will take a group photo then the building will be vacated to allow the 2nd concert attendees to arrive.
Photos from the concert will be shared on this page and our Instagram page a few days after the event so please bookmark this link and check back after the 15th of July. You are welcome to take photos of your child(ren) at the event.

Concert 2: 5.45pm (approx) start time. Please wait outside until the 1st group exit the building. On leaving, please put your seats away at the side of the hall.

Hannah Lockhart
Alexandra Zetzsche- Tesfai
Thomas Klotz
Iris Smith
William Hickman
Clara Griffin
Anthony Rendell-Dunn
Alex Wilde
Scarlett Mulhern
Raleigh Hamm
Evie Hamm

What do we play at the concert?
Pick your favourite pieces to play. If you are working on an exam then you can play all 3 exam pieces. No need to play scales and exercises.

When is the next concert? 9th of October. Info is here.

How to Contact Your Teacher

We receive a very high volume of emails every day from students and whilst we would like to be able to respond to all emails, this is simply not possible for a small business as we do not have a full-time administrator.

Your teacher is the first point of contact for all queries and we encourage you to speak to them at the start of the lesson with any questions.

If you do not drop-off then feel free to send a note and your questions can be answered in the homework diary/email.

Many of the emails we receive are asking information that is readily available from your teacher or from our web site. One of the most common question is “Is there a lesson in half-term” and “When does term end”. The term dates can be found on every invoice or on the homepage of our web site. We do not offer lessons in the holidays although you can choose to have a Zoom lesson with your teacher. Do note that all our teachers live over an hour commute each way from the studio so for that reason it is not financially viable for them to travel over 2 hours to teach just one or two students in the holidays. However Zoom works very well for most students and this option is always available subject to your teacher being around to teach online during the holidays. Do ensure you request a holiday lesson well in advance of the invoicing date so that our bookkeeper can add this on to your invoice before the invoice is issued.

To streamline our admin process, we are unable to respond to emails requesting information that has already been sent such as term dates, holidays and how to sign up for recitals (for example). We have to prioritise answering emails requesting information that is urgent such as a request from a student that wants a Zoom lesson as they have been off school sick and are unable to attend in-person.

Please ensure you speak to your teacher at the start of your lesson. Do not wait until the end of the lesson to discuss any issues with your teacher as the next student will have arrived and it would unfairly shorten their lesson time if you are chatting to the teacher. Do remember that the lesson time includes speaking to the teacher as well as the taught music lesson. We always encourage parents that drop-off their children to take a minute or two to discuss progress and any queries. For all exam-related queries, please speak directly to your teacher. Our administrators mainly focus on invoicing and chasing late payments so they would not necessarily be able to answer music-specific queries.

If your teacher cannot answer the question they will refer you to our administrator.

Many parents drop off their children and say nothing to the teacher in the lesson but then send an email straight after the lesson to discuss something that could have easily been said at drop-off. We have recently had many questions asking whether a student should sign up for the upcoming recital, what should they play, when do they decide what to play etc. These are all questions your teacher is more than happy to answer. The Eventbrite page has already answered these questions too so do have a read of the Event information.

And finally – your teacher will send you your lesson notes from a Gmail account solely used for teachers to contact parents. We do not use this inbox for general enquiries and the Out of Office message states it is an unmonitored inbox but we still receive a high number of replies to this email. The only way to contact the school is via se22pianoschool at gmail.com.

We thank you for reading this far and we look forward to your cooperation in the smooth running of the piano school.

Look out for our advert in the Summer edition of The Peckham Peculiar

Look out for our advert in the Summer edition of The Peckham Peculiar

We have been advertising in the Peckham Peculiar since Issue 1. Here’s the advert that will feature in the next paper.

June 2021 Advert ~ Peckham Peculiar
June 2021 Advert ~ Peckham Peculiar

We have a few spaces for new students and would love to welcome you on board to our musical family. Students of all ages welcome.

We have just updated our Vacancies page here. If you see a suitable time, please drop us an email to request an invoice to book your lesson. se22pianoschool at gmail.com

We don’t just teach the piano. We can offer you guitar, music theory and aptitude test and scholarship lessons for UK secondary schools. We are based in commercial premises in East Dulwich just off Lordship Lane. We are within easy walk of Harris Primary East Dulwich, Charter North Dulwich and Charter East Dulwich, Alleyn’s, Heber, Goodrich, Dulwich Hamlets, St Anthony’s and Goose Green primary to name just a few schools.

There is free parking on-street (not within the LTN zone) and we are just installing a bike and scooter rack outside our studio for you to lock these up if you two-wheel it to lessons!