Nov/Dec Timetable

Here is the timetable for September 2021 to July 2022. As always your lesson time and day remains the same each week. Please note we cannot alter any of the times below.

Dates for your diary (also available to view on our web site):
1 Nov – 18 December (7 lessons)
Payment due 5pm 13 December (for Jan/Feb)

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Monday (Lorraine) 
3.30 Arran 
4.00 Freddie S
4.30 Amelie 
5.00 William 
5.30 Rowan
6.00 Mara

Monday (Alexandra) 
3.45 Agnes
4.15 Alex W
4.45 Elektra
5.15 Scarlett
5.45 Eva J
6.15 Zoe 
6.45 Isabelle
7.15 Bonnie 

Tuesday (Lorraine)
4.15 Beatrice
4.45 Eve
5.15 Lewis
5.45 Alessio
6.15 Colm
6.45 Arthur

Tuesday (Alexandra) 
3.45 Ania
4.15 Anthony on Zoom
4.45 Jaya
5.15 Raphaelle
5.45 Vacant
6.15 Thomas (1 Nov)
6.45 Bella 

Wednesday (Alex) 
3.20 Anais
3.50 Lily
4.20 Anthony
4.50 Max 
5.20 Danny
5.50 Ella L
6.20 Orla 
6.50 Joe L 
7.20 Francesca 

Wednesday (Ben)
3.30 Steve (45 mins) 
4.15 Zach A
4.45 Alfred (45 mins)
5.30 Vacant
6.15 Susannah 
6.45 Aram (30 mins)

Thursday (Ben)
3.30 Zac F
4.00 Andréea
4.30 Yanni ✔
5.00 Phoebe 
5.30 Eva  
6.00 Hannah
6.30 Vacant

Friday (Mirna)
3.30 Iris (guitar)
4.00 Ollie
4.30 Nina
5.00 Fred
5.30 Alex A
6.00 Gia (from 5 Nov x 7)
6.30 Tilley (5 Nov x 7)
7.00 Joe (30 mins)

Friday (Lorraine)
3.30 Lucia 
4.00 Vacant
4.30 Willow 
5.00 Lochie 

Saturday (Alex) 
09.30 Azizan 
10.00 Aren
10.30 Reuben
11.00 Alice 
11.30 Evie
12.00 Raleigh 
12.30 Kanishna 
13.00 Bill 

Saturday (Mirna) 
09.00 Diya
09.30 Ava 
10.00 Sophie
10.30 Vacant

11.00 Jerry
11.30 William 
12.00 Francesca 
12.30 Alexandra
1.00 Zach B
1.30 Vacant
2.00 Lunch Break
3.00 Atlas
3.30 Aran 
4.00 Eva 

Saturday (Ben)
1.30 Luke
2.00 Gabriel
2.30 Iris
3.00 Raphael
3.30 Cleo
4.00 Mila
4.30 Teodor

Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School: Music Aptitude Test

You can prepare for the Music Aptitude Tests at Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School by using the following specimen tests that are indicative of the style of test used:

From the School’s Admissions document: In view of the school’s tradition of excellence in music the governors will admit girls with musical aptitude, up to a maximum of 17 places without undermining the Catholic ethos of the school. Musical aptitude will be determined on the basis of a music aptitude assessment. Priority will be given to those who show the most aptitude on assessment. Additional music training and activities will be provided by the school and these students will be expected to participate in these activities. Music aptitude assessment tests will take place in the Autumn term and you will be informed, before the school application deadline whether your daughter has passed. Please note that a pass does not equate to a guarantee of a place at the school.

The auditions will take place this Autumn when term resumes. Please note we have good availability in August for 1-to-1 lessons to help you prepare. However when term starts we will be busy with our weekly teaching commitments so we will be offering a much reduced service for Zoom lessons so do book soon rather than leaving it until the last minute.

10th July Music Concert Information

Please wear a mask to the event (age 11+).


St Barnabas Parish Hall, 23 Dulwich Village, London SE21 7BT.
Parking available on nearby streets. No dedicated parking at venue.

Here are the certificates to download:

All performers will receive a medal.

Concert 1: 5.05pm Start.

We can only admit 4 people per bubble including performers. Please do not exceed this number as the venue will be checking on capacity which is strictly limited during lockdown. 

Please do not email asking for any more audience tickets as this unfortunately cannot be accommodated due to the lockdown rules stipulated by the venue.

On arrival please arrange your seating in your bubble and stay 2 metres apart from other groups. 

Here is the order of play for the first concert. You are welcome to announce your pieces. Please pick your favourite piece(s) to perform and don’t forget to bring your music books with you.

Willow Gold
Mikhael Walji
Eva Jarrett
Orla Coulthard
Percy Dixon
Eve O’Donovan
Joe Borthwick
Viviana West
After the performance we will take a group photo then the building will be vacated to allow the 2nd concert attendees to arrive.
Photos from the concert will be shared on this page and our Instagram page a few days after the event so please bookmark this link and check back after the 15th of July. You are welcome to take photos of your child(ren) at the event.

Concert 2: 5.45pm (approx) start time. Please wait outside until the 1st group exit the building. On leaving, please put your seats away at the side of the hall.

Hannah Lockhart
Alexandra Zetzsche- Tesfai
Thomas Klotz
Iris Smith
William Hickman
Clara Griffin
Anthony Rendell-Dunn
Alex Wilde
Scarlett Mulhern
Raleigh Hamm
Evie Hamm

What do we play at the concert?
Pick your favourite pieces to play. If you are working on an exam then you can play all 3 exam pieces. No need to play scales and exercises.

When is the next concert? 9th of October. Info is here.