Piano Teacher Job Vacancy in South London, January 2021

Piano Teacher East Dulwich
Inspire the next generation of musicians at the SE22 Piano School

We are looking to welcome new teachers to deliver piano lessons and be a part of our peripatetic Music team at the SE22 Piano School in East Dulwich. This role would likely suit individuals that are happy to teach music on a casual basis. The hours would be after-school and evenings.

We are looking to recruit experienced, talented, energetic and inspiring individuals to be part of the peripatetic music teacher team in piano and music theory.

Candidates need to be able to perform confidently to a high level (at least grade 8) as well as demonstrating a passion for teaching young people. We teach beginners from age 4 through to adults.

The role is for self-employed teachers and is term-time only during after-school hours (afternoons and evening).

For a full job description and person specification, please contact se22pianoschool@gmail.com.

The role is based at our studio in London SE22 but we are also open to teachers that have their own method of transport and would be able to travel to homes in SE London.

Kingsdale Foundation School ~ Sports Scholarship Info

Full Music Scholarship Kingsdale Foundation School

Many of our Year 6 musicians sit the Kingsdale sports scholarship as well as the music scholarship. As we are receiving lots of traffic to our web site looking for more info on the music test, I thought it may be useful to share some sports scholarship information that our students last year passed on to us.

The first round of the sports scholarship is a general fitness test. Here are some of the elements that our students told us about. Please note this may vary this year and the list below is not exhaustive as it is based on anecdotal feedback from previous applicants.

Warm-Up: Dribbling a Basketball

Bleep Test
You have a set amount of time to run from a line to a cone before the sound of the beep. If you reach the line after the bleep goes or you give up then they take you out of your test and then you count how many rounds you have done.

Long Jump
Applicants have one go at a long jump.

Agility Rest
Running in and out of poles (timed test).

Sit and Reach Test
You sit with your legs straight and reach over a wooden box that has a ruler marking out centimetres on top. You have to take a deep breath and see how far you can reach.

Computer Test
There is a short test on arrival which is computer-based and has some questions based around health and wellbeing such as “How do you feel before a competition? Do you feel scared or nervous?”

Response/Reflex Test:
They show a traffic light on the screen and you have to push a button when it goes green. 


For assistance with the Music Scholarship for Kingsdale, please get in touch with us at musicaptitudetests@gmail.com or book a session online on Eventbrite for either a Zoom lesson or in person at our studio in East Dulwich.

First Week Back at School

We reopened the doors of our piano school in East Dulwich after 6 months closure during COVID-19 restrictions. Our first week back went extremely well with all students, teachers and parents on board with the new safety measures that are helping us keep everybody safe.

We’ve also had a record number of enquiries for September thanks to the Dulwich Diverter cover feature and advert. We are nearly at maximum capacity now so we’ll be adding in an extra day of piano lessons on Friday afternoon to start this week so do enquire if you are looking to learn the piano. Our vacancies page has just been updated here although it gets out of date very quickly so do email if you’d like to find out the current vacancies as this is changing daily. We teach adults and children from the age of 4.