Bishop’s Stortford High: Musical Aptitude Test

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London Year 6 students: The Bishop Stortford’s High School Music Aptitude Test takes place on Saturday 7 October 2023.

You can download and practice the specimen Aural Tests online so that you know what kind of tests to expect. See more about the tests here.

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About the Music Aptitude Test (Round One)

Pitch: for these questions, candidates listen to two sounds and have to indicate whether the second sound is the same as the first, or whether it is higher or lower. Some of the pitches are less than a semitone apart. 20 questions.

Melody: for these questions, candidates listen to two tunes consisting of five notes. Candidates have to decide whether the second tune is the same as the first or if one of the notes has been altered. If there is a change, candidates will be expected to identify which note has been altered, by giving the number of the note.
10 questions.

Texture: for these questions, candidates listen to a number of notes played together at the same time; this is called a chord. Candidates need to decide whether or not each chord has two, three or four notes.
20 questions.

Rhythm: for these questions, candidates listen to two patterns of notes and have to decide whether the second pattern is the same as, or different from, the first, and where any difference occurs. Each rhythm will be four beats (or pulses) in length.
10 questions.

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