Starting Music Lessons at the SE22 Piano School in East Dulwich

Welcome to the SE22 Piano School.

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2024 Timetable

8 January 2024 to 10 February (5 lessons)
HALF-TERM: 11 February to 18 February
19 February to 24 March (5 lessons)
15 April to Saturday 25th May (6 lessons)
HALF TERM: 26 May to 2 June
3 June to Saturday 20 July (7 lessons)

Here is some information about the Consultation Lesson and the terms and conditions.

How the Consultation Lesson Works
We understand that you will have a lot of questions about starting piano, singing or guitar lessons. The most common of these is what age should we start lessons. This varies but generally anywhere from age 4 upwards is a guideline for starting. We can only assess readiness to start when you book a consultation lesson as no two students are alike. Consultation lessons are 30 minutes in duration and 1-to-1 only. We do not offer group tutoring. Parents are welcome to stay for this session.

The consultation lesson is £50 and is payable in advance by online banking only. You will have time during the 30 minute lesson to speak to the teacher and we allow for 5 minutes at the end for a discussion of what we covered and how to progress. After the consultation lesson, we give you 24 hours to pay the balance of fees for the remainder of the term. We are unable to hold spaces open for students that do not contact us within this time period. Lessons are £42.50 for 30 minutes plus a new student registration fee of £20. We follow the Southwark state school timetable. We do not charge for holidays when we are closed. Your lesson time remains the same for the academic year and we do not refund or reschedule missed lessons for any reason as we are a private school.

About the SE22 Piano School
We offer music lessons for adults and children from age 4 or 5. The business was established from a private residence in East Dulwich in 2007 before moving to commercial premises just off Lordship Lane and we have been in this property for just over 10 years now. You can read more about our piano school’s journey here. We are proud winners of the Southwark Business Awards and we are partnered with Casio pianos.

Our students can follow a graded exam system or they can just learn for pleasure. We teach various styles of music including pop, classical and jazz. We include skills such as ear tests, aural training, improv and sight-reading in lessons. Some students will go on to achieve Music Scholarships to local schools such as Kingsdale, Prendergast and Haberdashers and we offer specialist tutoring for these entrance exams. We also tutor students for all local private schools (Dulwich College, JAGS, Alleyns). In addition to the weekly lesson we offer twice-yearly performance opportunities at our student recitals.

Our Team
Please click here to read the teacher bios. We don’t just teach piano, we also offer singing and guitar lessons too. Our teachers also offer lessons in a variety of languages (French, Spanish, Russian and Bulgarian).

Please watch our welcome video from our Head Teacher Lorraine:

At your first lesson your teacher will go through the Terms and Conditions for lessons with you. These are included below and we ask all parents to sign a copy of these both electronically and on paper which you keep for your records.

We are located at 85 Pellatt Road SE229JD. We do not offer home visits.

Please sign up to our mailing list and agree to the terms and conditions for lessons before attending your first lesson. (Mailing list link provided by email when you register).

Term Dates are listed on your invoice and on our website. We are unable to respond to emails asking for term dates but we have included this information on the auto-reply for your convenience.

Nb. We cannot swap or refund missed lessons as our timetable is heavily booked without any breaks and your teacher only works set days. Your lesson time is your weekly slot and cannot be altered so please look after it carefully! 

Late payments incur an admin fee of £10. This is automatically added to your next invoice should you pay late. For the smooth running of the piano school, we rely on your cooperation to settle all invoices no later than 5pm on the last Monday of each half term. 

Recommended Books for Beginner Pianists (Children)

Theory Books ~ and 

Theory Drills ~

Beginner Piano Book ~

Digital Piano Recommendation

You can choose from the entire Casio digital piano range and get 20% off any Casio piano and keyboard* when purchasing direct from Email se22pianoschool {@} for the discount code.

*Sale items excluded.

Terms and Conditions for Lessons:

  1. We do not reschedule or refund missed lessons as we operate the same terms as a private school
  2. Your lesson time remains the same for the academic year
  3. A supply teacher will be used if your teacher is not available
  4. In the case of lockdown, lessons will be online. No refund or carrying over of lessons is allowed so please ensure you are able to attend Zoom lessons before you enrol for lessons.
  5. Late payment of an invoice incurs a £10 administration charge. We reserve the right to give away your space if payment is not received after issuing one reminder.
  6. Your teacher is the first point of contact for all queries. They will contact our admin team on your behalf if they are unable to assist you. 
  7. One term’s written notice is required to quit lessons. This allows us ample time to advertise the space and fill with another student.

Payment is by online banking only on the last Monday of each half-term for the next block of lessons. We do not offer lessons during the school holidays and no charge is made for lessons during this period. 

How to Contact The Piano School

Please note we do not have a full-time administrator and your teacher will be able to answer all questions about progress, purchasing books, exams and any other music-related queries you may have. Our administrator primarily focusses on issuing invoices and chasing late payments. If you have asked your teacher a question and they cannot answer they will ask our administrator to assist you.

Welcome to the SE22 Piano School in East Dulwich

Book a Consultation Lesson Online (Adults and Children age 4+)

Music Aptitude Test Training for Secondary School Admissions:

Training Test Downloads for Music Aptitude Tests:

Recommended Starter Digital Piano:
You can choose from the entire Casio digital piano range and get 20% off any Casio piano and keyboard* when purchasing direct from Email us for the discount code. *Sale items excluded.

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Casio Digital Piano 20% Discount:

Thinking about purchasing a digital piano? You can choose from the entire digital piano range and get 20% off any Casio piano and keyboard* when purchasing direct from Email se22pianoschool {@} for the discount code.

*Sale items excluded.

Starting Piano Lessons at the SE22 Piano School 2018/2019

Nb. This is an Archive Post containing out of date information.

We are delighted that you are considering starting piano lessons at the SE22 Piano School. We have a fantastic team of teachers that offer you a weekly lesson plus lots of amazing performance opportunities, recitals and school trips. Before you start lessons, please read through this information to decide if we are the right piano school for you.

Our Philosophy: We are the premier private piano teaching studio in South London and we seek to collaborate with pianists to help them develop a passion for music on their lifelong journey of learning the piano. We are looking for dedicated, enthusiastic pianists that want to learn because they are intrigued and inspired by the piano. Graded exams are optional and we do not teach a rigid curriculum where our students only study graded exam pieces and nothing else. We teach the solid foundation of good piano technique, playing with expression and sensitivity and finding the music that resonates with you. We can also assist with Music Scholarship preparation.

Quick Links: Fees | Terms & Conditions | Vacancies

    • Do you have enough time to practise?
      Learning piano requires enough time to practise, ideally every day, but at least three times a week when starting. There will often be one page of theory homework too. If you are very, very busy with lots of extra-curricular activities, you may find it hard to fit enough time to practise. Without a regular schedule for practising, it will be difficult to make progress as the piano requires lots of time and patience. If it was easy, everyone would be able to do it! Students that wish to start graded exams must be able to demonstrate and effective practising schedule before the teacher will consider starting the exam system. Exams are optional and there is no requirement to follow this system.
    • Do you have an instrument?
      In order to practise, you will need a piano! Here is our recommended starter digital piano pack. You can view our other options for Digital Pianos for Beginners.

  • Can you commit to a minimum of a full academic year of lessons?
    After the half-term trial, all students are enrolled for the remainder of the academic year. Learning for an academic year allows you to participate in all the great events and performance opportunities that we offer to our students. It also gives you the chance to start working towards some graded exams if you’d like to do that. In line with other private schools in the area, one term’s written notice is required to terminate lessons. If you know that you will be moving house soon or that you are travelling a long way to get to lessons and you are looking around for a teacher nearer to your home, then we advise looking for a more convenient short-term option. We are only able to enrol students that are able to commit to lessons over the full academic year. You may choose to discontinue lessons after the half-term trial without any notice period, but if you would like to continue, you will register for the remainder of the academic year. You may also find it more convenient to learn at school so please investigate that option before engaging one of our tutors. We use the Incorporated Society of Musicians to enforce the notice period on our behalf.
  • Please pay your bill on time!
    With nearly 100 students on the register, we require all students to take note of the half-termly payment dates and set up a bank transfer so that the payment arrives on time (5pm on the day of the deadline). As I’m sure you can appreciate, chasing late payments takes up a considerable amount of time and causes a delay to our bookkeeping process so have a look at the timetable below and ensure you meet the payment deadlines. Late payment of your invoice after the 2nd occurrence may result in forfeiture of your lesson time. Repeated late payment of bills may result in termination of lessons. Please be mindful that we have a waiting list for prime time slots and will not continue to hold a space open for students that cause excessive admin to the school. We use the Incorporated Society of Musicians to collect late payments.
  • Terms and Conditions for Piano Lessons
    We give you a copy of the terms and conditions and a timetable when you first enquire by email about starting lessons. You then return a signed copy to your teacher at the first lesson and keep one copy for your records. This is your agreement with the SE22 Piano School Ltd. We ask you to read it carefully before signing and returning to us. The document is located here: [View Registration Form
  • Are you available at the same time each week?
    Your weekly lesson time is your dedicated slot in a very busy teaching timetable at our music studio. If you cannot attend, we are unable to swap, reschedule or refund your lesson so please ensure you only pick a time that is convenient for you on a regular basis. Our teachers only teach on specific days of the week and their students come one after the other so there are no spare slots in their schedule to fit in other students. Some of the teachers travel a long way across London to give you the lesson so they cannot incur additional travel time and expense coming on a day that they are not scheduled to teach any other students. Additionally, the amount of admin caused when lesson reschedules are requested caused an unnecessary burden on the Head Teacher and emails requesting a swap will be referred to the following link: [More Information]

Books for Young Beginners
Please order these books online and bring to your first lesson. Also bring an A5 notebook for your teacher to write down your weekly homework.

Recommended digital pianos for beginner to advanced pianists

Nb: New timetable released in September 2018.