New dates added for Music Scholarship & Aptitude Test training

It’s a new school year and we will be preparing lots of musicians for the upcoming music scholarships to schools such as Kingsdale, Habs, Prendergast and further afield across the rest of the UK. This year will be particularly interesting for me as my own daughter will be sitting music and sports scholarships to South London schools along with many of her classmates.

Get a head start in preparing for the music scholarships by booking a 1-to-1 session with our teachers this Autumn on Zoom. We have over a decade of experience of successfully achieving scholarship entries to many schools. Some schools use a Music Aptitude Test, others use a more general Music Audition. We can help you prepare for both types of test.

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Music Aptitude Test Tip of the Day: Picking the Perfect Audition Pieces

At your first music lesson of term, make sure you pick one or two pieces that you can already play quite well and ask your teacher to come up with a plan of action to get these perfect by the end of the month.

The new term is an exciting time for music scholars!

My top tip for choosing the right repertoire would be to go for something fun, funky and memorable. Choose a piece that’s not in the graded exam book as most musicians will turn up clutching the latest exam book so the audition panel will hear the same pieces over and over again.

Go for something with a catchy title that will be an interesting discussion point with the audition panel. Make sure you have asked your teacher how to pronounce the composer’s name. See if you can find out an interesting fact about the composer that you can throw into the conversation. A quick search online should reveal plenty of information as a starting point.

We offer 1-to-1 lessons on Zoom to help students prepare for the Music Scholarship & Aptitude Test. These sessions are open to all musicians from any area.

Keep an eye out for our new article in the 2020 Scholarships supplement publication from Music Teacher Magazine all about the Music Aptitude Test and State School Scholarships. Released on 1st September.

Beth, Music Scholar, plays a Grade 5 piece on the harpsichord

Beth plays her Grade 5 ABRSM piano piece, A3 Allemande in A minor, Handel, 2013-2014 on the harpsichord.

Beth will enter St Dunstan’s College this Autumn on a Music Scholarship place.


Beth - Music Scholarship to St Dunstan's College