Why do some schools hold the Music Aptitude Test earlier in June instead of Autumn?

The SE22 Piano School is running a competition on Instagram. Win a 1-to-1 Music Aptitude Test scholarship preparation lesson in September 2023. All the info is here:  https://musicaptitudetest.wordpress.com/2023/06/27/win-a-1-to-1-music-aptitude-test-scholarship-preparation-lesson-in-september-2023/

Some schools such as Ashmole Academy, Claremont High School Academy and Mill Hill County High School hold their Music Scholarship tests in June each year which is earlier than the majority of UK state secondary schools that hold their Music Aptitude Test in the first half-term of the new academic year in September or occasionally October. The reasons for this are not known to us but there are some advantages to holding the tests earlier in the year:

  1. Conducting the test earlier in June allows parents to make informed decisions about their acceptance and placement before the start of the academic year. This means you are not juggling which schools to enter on the CAF admissions form whilst also trying to attend open days and then find out very close to the deadline which school has given you a scholarship.
  2. You can get the test over and done with so that you can RELAX during the Summer holidays!
  3. If you require music scholarship tutoring then you will need to enquire from January onwards and this is when we are less busy so you have a much better chance of booking your slots with our tutors. Once we pass mid-August and beyond, our lesson times are fully booked with so many enquiries that we cannot handle the number of students applying last minute for tutoring help.

If you’re reading this and thinking about 1-to-1 specialist Music Aptitude Test tutoring, then don’t leave it till the end of the Summer holidays to book a lesson online. Once we return to school in September we will be inundated with parents seeking our help and many are disappointed to find that we simply cannot offer them a slot to help them prepare for the MAT.

We offer 1-to-1 music lessons to help you prepare for the Music Aptitude Test. You can see the structure of an online MAT lesson here which will be tailored to the exact needs of your chosen school(s).

Good luck to all the Year 5 students sitting their Music Aptitude Test for Claremont High School Academy on the 10th of June 2023!

Good luck to all the Year 5 students sitting their Music Aptitude Test for Claremont High School Academy on the 10th of June 2023!

Music Scholarship Preparation at the SE22 Piano School

Remember, the SE22 Piano School tutors are here to help prepare you for the upcoming test. Although time is running out to book a 1-to-1 lesson, don’t worry, as SE22 Piano School also offers digital downloads that you can use with your teacher. These resources are designed to familiarize you with the style of test you will hear on the day.

Embrace this opportunity, practice with dedication, and know that you have the support and resources needed to perform your best. Wishing you all the success in your music aptitude test!

1-to-1 Lessons (scroll for available dates)

Music Scholarship Entry to the West London Free School. It’s nearly time for the auditions for this hugely popular secondary school. Here’s how you can help prepare for the Musical Aptitude Test.

One of the most popular secondary schools in West London offers just 12 spaces on a Music Scholarship place. These places are highly sought after and awarded to students playing at a higher than average level.

If selected, scholars are expected to make a commitment to their musical education – arriving at school early on some days, giving up their lunch break on others, ensuring they practise their chosen instrument regularly, etc. The programme aims to develop the practical abilities of scholars and deepen their understanding of how music works. Keyboard skills, ensemble playing, pitch perception and music theory are at the centre of these lessons, along with learning to use notation and sequencing software. 

Why Sit the Test?

  • A priority place at WLFS, regardless of catchment area.
  • A half hour instrumental or singing lesson each week, paid for by the school.
  • Theory of music classes on Wednesdays at 8.00am.
  • Membership of the school choir.
  • Sight-singing classes.

What is Included in the Test?

The test at Year 7 is designed to identify pupils who have musical potential as well as those who already study an instrument. So long as your child has a love of music, we would encourage you to apply. The test lasts 5 to 10 minutes and assesses pitch perception and sense of rhythm/pulse. The candidates will not be asked to prepare anything or bring an instrument, as the test is completed entirely vocally. It is not a test of vocal quality.

Can I Download Any Training Materials?

We do offer a digital download which is useful preparation for these styles of tests. However as the WLFS test is entirely vocal then we recommend booking a 1-to-1 lesson to work on general musical ability in the style of tests you might hear on the day. Please note the tests varies each year so we cannot guarantee what you will hear on the day.

How do I book a 1-to-1 lesson?

You can book online on Eventbrite which shows all available times. Our teachers fit these lessons around their weekly teaching commitments so there are no other slots available other than what is listed.