Why do piano teachers recommend Casio CDP-S pianos?

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Casio asked a number of leading UK piano tutors why they recommended Casio CDP-S pianos to their students. Without exception, all teachers praised the quality of the key touch, the sound and the affordability of these class-leading beginner pianos.

We offer Casio pianos at a 20% discount when purchased through the Casio site (sale items excluded). Email se22pianoschool @ gmail.com for our discount code.

Starter Digital Pianos: Casio CDP-S100

We recommend the Casio CDP-S100 as the ideal starter piano. A starter kit with stand and headphones is available for £389.99: https://amzn.to/2Y7VGWo

This piano is ideal for a beginner. Its fully weighted action helps build finger strength and encourages good technique from the start.

The CDP-S100‘s fully weighted key touch provides a solid foundation upon which my beginner students can successfully build on.

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Recommended digital pianos for beginner to advanced pianists

The new school year brings us lots of new piano students to our teaching studio in East Dulwich and most new starters do not have an instrument yet. Our teachers are able to assist you with purchasing a digital or acoustic piano. We have listed a few pianos in different price ranges that our students have recently purchased. Our preferred brand of digital pianos is Casio.

You can try out our Casio digital piano to get a feel for it or we can recommend piano showrooms where you can try out the instruments before purchasing. We also organise events in conjunction with Casio Grand Hybrid pianos where you can play the pianos.

Casio AP-650. This is the piano that we have in our second studio and we use this alongside our acoustic piano. We find this a fantastic entry-level option for beginner pianists.

Yamaha YDP-143 Arius Digital. An ideal space-saving digital piano for beginners that will see you through to the intermediate and higher levels of playing. This is a slightly cheaper option than the Casio.

Casio CDP-130. This is the ideal entry level kit for those on a budget.

For those with a larger budget, we love the Casio Grand Hybrid pianos pictured below. These feel like a real piano as they have hammers attached to the keys that mimic the touch and response of an acoustic piano. These pianos would not need replacing if you were to reach the higher grades of piano and beyond.

GP-400 Celviano
GP-500 Celviano

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