Beginner Piano Books & Information for New Piano Students in East Dulwich

We are delighted to have you on board! Once you have paid your invoice for your first block of lessons, please ensure you sign up to our newsletter link that you received in the email containing the link to this page.

You will also need the following books:

Books for lessons:

Theory Books ~ and Theory Drills ~

Beginner Piano Book ~

You can also purchase these books at the local music shop by East Dulwich station (South London Music)/

Piano Books for Young Beginners

Please note:

Your teacher is your first point of contact for all queries. The admin email is only used to enrol new students. Going forwards, please discuss any issues with your teacher at the start of the lesson. They will contact us if they cannot assist with your enquiry.

Terms and Conditions for Lessons:

  1. We do not reschedule or refund missed lessons as we operate the same terms as a private school
  2. Your lesson time remains the same for the academic year
  3. A supply teacher will be used if your teacher is not available
  4. In the case of lockdown, lessons will be online. No refund or carrying over of lessons is allowed so please ensure you are able to attend Zoom lessons before you enrol for lessons.
  5. Late payment of an invoice incurs a £10 administration charge. We reserve the right to give away your space if payment is not received after issuing one reminder.
  6. Your teacher is the first point of contact for all queries. They will contact our admin team on your behalf if they are unable to assist you. 

Latest Vacancies for Piano Lessons in East Dulwich: Live Love Local cardholder offer

Special offer for Live Love Local cardholders: 1 free piano lesson when signing up for the first half-term of piano lessons at the SE22 Piano School. Offer valid until 26th of July. Show your card at the time of booking your lesson.

Offer valid until 26th of July
Offer valid until 26th of July

Piano Lesson Vacancies to start in September 2014
Updated 21st July

Monday (Digital Piano)

Tuesdays (Digital Piano)

Thursdays (Acoustic Piano)
3.45pm, 4.15pm

Saturday (Acoustic Piano)

30 mins: £25

Registration by 1st of July for 2014/2015 Piano Lessons

Register by the 1st of July if you wish to continue lessons in September. A deposit is due for 1 lesson along with the registration form below. Please return these to your teacher without delay as we are creating the new timetable and will do our best to accommodate all requests for a new lesson time.

Click to download Registration Form
Click to download Registration Form