On Your Marks: Your turn to be the ABRSM examiner!

Thanks to my colleague David Barton for flagging up this great resource from ABRSM where you can listen to a full Grade 5 piano exam, guess the mark and then see the actual score received along with an explanation of the score from the Chief Examiner. The sight-reading test is the most revealing of all, I think!

Listen and mark these Grade 5 piano scales
Listen and mark this Grade 5 piano exam

With many SE22 Piano School students sitting exams this Autumn, this will be great to see what is expected for the various categories of marks: Distinction, Merit and Pass. Also see our guide with various comment sheets from Examiners covering the three mark categories: Pass, Merit or Distinction? How examiners mark your ABRSM music exam.

See some of our students’ recent exam successes:

Now available for our students: ABRSM Scale Practice Charts

Grade 3 ABRSM Piano Scale Practice chart