ABRSM Exam Results Session C November & December 2014

Exam results are starting to come in and I’m pleased to announce the first result is a Distinction for Grade 3. Bravo Theo!

Distinction, Grade 3
Distinction, Grade 3

Summer ABRSM Exam Results, June & July 2014 (Session B)

Congratulations to all our students on a fantastic set of ABRSM Exam Results from Summer Session B.

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Winter ABRSM Exam Results – Session C, 2013

We have received our first set of results from Week 1 of the Winter ABRSM exam session. We have been particularly delighted with the comments written by the examiner that highlight the careful preparation and hard work of our exam candidates. A special congratulations to Safiya on achieving her fourth Distinction in a row!

For more information on achieving top marks, please see our popular article Pass, Merit or Distinction? How examiners mark your ABRSM music exam.

Safiya, Grade 4
Paul, Grade 2
Hannah, Grade 2 theory

Eleanor, Grade 3
Susanna, Grade 1
Nicole, Grade 1
Max, Grade 1 theory

Pedro, Grade 5
Emmanuelle, Grade 3
Scarlett, Maddie, Boo, Grade 2
Samson, Agnes, Nicole, Grade 1

Prep Test:
Francis, Kenji