Music Aptitude Test Tip of the Day: Texture Section

The SE22 Piano School is running a competition on Instagram. Win a 1-to-1 Music Aptitude Test scholarship preparation lesson in September 2023. All the info is here:

The start of the new school year means it’s time for the Music Aptitude Tests and Scholarship auditions. This year my daughter and several of her school friends will be sitting the test for our local schools such as Kingsdale, Prendergast and Habs.

We’ve been spending the Summer working on the MAT training materials as well as a little bit of practice on the pieces they’ll perform at the audition. There’s still plenty of time to get started if you haven’t already given the tests a go. So far, everyone has found the Texture section the most tricky, so here’s a helpful video with tips for this section. Nb. Kingsdale don’t use the MAT, just standard aural tests and optional sight-reading plus brief interview questions.

We offer 1-to-1 lessons on Zoom to help students prepare for the Music Scholarship & Aptitude Test. These sessions are open to all musicians from any area. Book online:

11+ tutoring Music Aptitude Test
1-to-1 Music Aptitude Test tutoring

Keep an eye out for our new article in the Scholarships supplement publication from Music Teacher Magazine all about the Music Aptitude Test and State School Scholarships. Released on 1st September.

Music Aptitude Test: Prendergast Hilly Fields School

London Year 6 students: Don’t miss the deadline to apply to Prendergast Hilly Fields School on a Music Aptitude Test scholarship place for September 2016 entry. The important dates are listed below:

28th September 2015
Closing date for music applications

30th September 2015
Music Aptitude Test invitations will be sent out

Saturday 3rd October 2015
Music Aural Test

7th October 2015
Letters will be sent advising all music applicants if they will/will not be invited to attend an audition

19th – 23rd October 2015
Music Auditions

Approximately 60 of the highest scoring applicants will be invited back to perform either on their chosen instrument or vocally and there is a totally free choice of piece. Their aptitude is gauged from these performances. The auditions will be heard by the Head of the Music Department and one of her colleagues.

You can download and practice the specimen Aural Tests online so that you know what kind of tests to expect.

Music Aptitude Test web site: