Beginner Duet with Teacher class (Non-Competitive)

6th annual Dulwich Music Festival sponsored by PorticoThe 6th annual Dulwich Music Festival piano classes will be held on Sunday June 11th 2017 at The Old Library, Dulwich College. Entries are now open for this event and we advise early entry as all classes are fully booked months ahead. We only have a limited number of entrants per class. There are non-competitive beginner classes and competitive graded classes as well as one class for adult amateur pianists. For any queries about the event, please email

Beginner Duet with Teacher class (Non-Competitive)

Set Piece. 
Spinning Around (Primo Part) from Magic Beans! by Ben Crosland [Buy Book]

Beginner Duet with Teacher Piano Festival

“28 Sketches for Adventurous Beginners” is the subtitle of this magical new collection, by British composer Ben Crosland. These short pieces start off very easy, fusing serious pedagogical elements with moments of humour and imaginative flair. As they venture further into the score, teachers and students will find slightly more advanced repertoire, which should keep them inspired as they progress through Grade 1 and towards Grade 2 (UK examination levels). The score, as with all the collections designed by Ben Crosland, is aimed to last at least one year in the hands of the interested student, rather than be used for one or two works of the collection.

The score is illustrated by Maggie Lewinowicz.


Author: Lorraine Liyanage

Owner of the SE22 Piano School in East Dulwich. Founder and Director of the Dulwich Music Festival. Piano teacher based in East Dulwich since 2007.

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