January 2022: Winter Recital

Winter Piano Recital in Dulwich Village for our music students and teachers

We are running our student recital in-person but there is a strong possibility we will have to split the event into two halves as the venue will probably cap audience numbers. We will confirm this very soon with all ticket holders.

Here is the list of participants. All performers will receive a medal and a certificate. Download Certificates

  1. Percy Dixon
  2. Kanishna Sarveswaran
  3. Anaïs Miemczyk
  4. Freddie Sym
  5. Arthur Sym
  6. Agnes Heaton
  7. Anthony Rendell-Dunn
  8. Orla Coulthard
  9. Gia Galassi
  10. Austin Niu
  11. Luca-Daniel Cenusa
  12. Luca Mihai
  13. Kaitlyn Ionescu
  14. Alex Breaban
  15. Luca Teodorescu
  16. Isabelle Ionescu
  17. Mario Constantin Hulborea
  18. Cristiane Vasiliu
  19. Francesco Fira

Winter Recital 22 Jan 2022

Student recital in Dulwich Village on January 22nd 2022

If you would like to sign up for the recital then use the link below to sign-up. There are 20 performer spaces available.

Book tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/winter-music-recital-in-dulwich-village-tickets-162311886221

Our Winter recital takes place on 22nd of January 2022.

List of performers

  1. Kanishna
  2. Percy
  3. Gia
  4. Alex
  5. Luca
  6. Isabelle
  7. Mario
  8. Cristiane
  9. Francesco
  10. Anais
  11. Austin
  12. Agnes

About this event

This concert is for SE22 Piano School students and local young musicians. Our last concert raised £150 for the Alzheimer’s Society and all proceeds from this recital go to Westminster House Youth Club in Nunhead. 

St Barnabas Parish Hall in Dulwich Village (no car park, see Google maps for parking availability).

23 Dulwich Village, London SE21 7BT. 5pm – 6pm.

Pick your favorite pieces to play or sing! 2 mins per performer approx. We have spaces for 20 musicians.

We always do a group photo at the end but we do ask that if we do not have your permission to use this photo online then please stand out for the photo. We also have a photographer taking individual photos at the event that will be used on our social media account unless you specify otherwise at the time of booking a ticket.

Instrumentalists – please arrange for an accompanist if required as we do not have anyone available on the day for this.

Terms and Conditions of Sale:

Tickets cannot be refunded if you cannot attend.

On arrival please grab a chair and sit in your bubble. Please put your chairs away at the end of the event.

St Barnabas Parish Hall is a big venue with lots of seating so grab a chair when you arrive and please arrange your seating in your household bubble. Siblings of all ages welcome. We would like to film the concert and put this on YouTube as well as use some photos on our social media pages so please indicate if that is OK at the time of booking your ticket. You do not need to let us know which piece(s) you will play, you can decide this with your teacher nearer to the time of the event and then announce your pieces on the day. 

We always do a group photo at the end but we do ask that if we do not have your permission to use this photo online then please stand out for the first photo and then the second group photo will be for you to take your own photos for personal use only.

Winter Recital Repertoire

Nb. This is an Archive Post containing out of date information.

The SE22 Piano School Winter Recital takes place on Saturday 24 February at St. Barnabas Parish Hall in Dulwich Village. This week we will be choosing the pieces that you will play at the event. Do ensure you book your ticket are there are limited spaces available: https://billetto.co.uk/e/winter-piano-recital-and-awards-ceremony-tickets-244522

Colm: Air in Atalanta, Handel (arr. Clementi)
Miranda: Fifi on the Moon (Duet with Boo), Pop Looks Bach (Sam Fonteyn)
Oliver: Por Una Cabeza, Dreaming Lake
Edie: 2 team pieces (Matsuri & one TBC)
Boo: Fifi on the Moon (Duet with Miranda)
Alexander: Pirates of the Caribbean or Coldplay TBC

Alex to send her list of pieces for her Monday students.