Performance Opportunities for Pianists in London

2017/2018 Calendar of Events

Announcing our new season of events. Join us in some of London’s most historic buildings for performance opportunities on piano and harpsichord. Many of our events now include non-competitive classes to encourage all musicians to take part. Online ticket booking is available for all events.

Harpsichord Performance Opportunity for Pianists
Saturday November 18th 2017, Dulwich Village
Suitable for Grade 1+, Non-Competitive Event
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Family Classical Music Concert
Saturday November 18th 2017, Dulwich Village
A harpsichord recital by Lorraine Liyanage. Children of all ages welcome.
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Harpsichord Performance Opportunity for Pianists
Saturday February 3rd 2018, Bond Street
Suitable for Grade 1+, Non-Competitive Event
Join us at the historic home of both Jimi Hendrix and George Handel to perform in an informal, non-competitive harpsichord event. No prior experience of the instrument required.
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Clementi Junior Piano Festival
Sunday March 4th 2018, Kensington
Perform the music of composer Muzio Clementi in his former home in Kensington. There are two non-competitive classes and one competitive class. Event Info & Suggested Repertoire

Class 1 Non-Competitive (Beginner to Grade 2 approx)

Class 2 Non-Competitive (Grades 3 & 4 approx)

Class 3 Competitive (Grades 5+)

#ArvoPart80 – A special Set Pieces class celebrating Arvo Pärt’s 80th birthday

The 2015 Dulwich Piano Festival is celebrating the 80th birthday of composer Arvo Pärt with the inclusion of his piece “Für Anna Maria” for solo piano. 

Entries are now open via our online entry form:

Arvo Pärt is a composer whose creative output has significantly changed the way we understand the nature of music.

To honour the composer in his 80th year of life, Universal Edition will be collecting performance dates, reviews, CD releases and more on a dedicated blog. We are paying tribute to Arvo by including his beautiful piano piece, Für Anna Maria, on our syllabus. The class is open to pianists playing at a novice/intermediate level – all ages welcome. The class is not suitable for pianists that have progressed beyond Grade 5 level.

The class will be adjudicated by pianist, piano teacher and blogger Frances Wilson. Frances discusses the piece and why we have chosen this piece for the festival.


Dulwich Piano Festival 2014 – Event Highlights

The festival is now in its third year and increasing in popularity each year with 124 entries to fit into one jam-packed day. This year, we trialled an entirely paperless online entry and payment system which worked (mostly) smoothly although challenged the limits of my IT skills to try and fix various errors along the way! The programme still took many day to create but the event ran like clockwork on the day so hopefully the administration for the event will be more efficient with the new automated processes. Thank you to the wonderful team of helpers that worked tirelessly from 8am till the evening: Barry, Helen, Hilary, Peter, Vatche and my parents. Thank you to Lou and Tami for photos.

Here are some photos highlights of the event. You can see all the photos on our Facebook page. All photos are available to purchase for a small fee to cover the photographer’s fee.

Entries are already open for the 2015 Festival – see the web site for more information. Limited entries next year as we run a small-scale festival. Early entry advised.

I also include a video highlight of Claudia Lazarus, winner of the Senior Recital Class.