Grade 1 Theory – Revision Guide for Summer Exam Entry

We have many students sitting their Grade 1 theory exam this term. The exam usually takes place at Dunraven School, Leigham Court Rd  London SW16 (Streatham). See the list at the end of the email for students entered for the Summer session on Saturday 15 June at 10am.

Here’s a revision guide with a summary of the requirements.

Grade 1 Theory Revision Guide
Grade 1 Theory Revision Guide – Click to download

Please note that the guide includes Minor scales but these are not included in the current Grade 1 paper. They are included in Grade 1 practical piano so it is good to know the key signatures of these anyway as they will crop up in your pieces and sight-reading.

Here is a separate link to the Italian terms and symbols for Grade 1. These crop up in lots of the questions so you must know all of them. Remember – for Grade 2, you are expected to know all of these words plus new words.

Click to buy past theory test papers

Make sure you are working through at least 1 test paper a week. Bring these to your lesson and I will mark them. Ensure you have enough copies of the test paper so that you can leave one with me at your lesson and still have one paper at home to work through.

Summer Exam Entrants: