Congratulations to all of our students that took part in yesterday’s Dulwich Music Festival

Eleanor & Sam

Photos now available online:

Oliver (Alex’s student) has only had half a term of lessons but decided to take the plunge and perform in the Non-Competitive Beginners Class. Oliver confidently announced his pieces and play beautifully. Well done, Oliver!

Louise (Lorraine’s student) has been learning for one term and performed in her first ever festival with a perfect performance of Hot Cross Buns. Well done, Louise!

Eleanor (Sam’s student) is one of our newer students and played for the first time in a piano festival. Eleanor is in Reception Year at school. Well done on your first performance. We look forward to hearing more very soon!

Micah (Sam’s student) is about to sit the Trinity Initial piano exam and played in the Non-Competitive Beginners Solo and Duet Class. All pieces were well prepared and confidently announced. Well done for performing at your first festival. You are totally ready for your exam next week – what a confidence boost!

Scarlett and Ella (Alex’s students) took part in their first piano festival and played Ben Crosland’s duet with a good sense of tempo and very musically. Well done, Ella & Scarlett. You both worked very hard and were well-prepared!

Alice and Zoe (Alex’s student) also took part in their first piano performance and played a lovely duet with Alex. We hope you enjoyed the festival and hearing other young pianists performing.

Colm (Alex’s student) played in the Grade 2 class. Colm takes part in all of our performance opportunities on piano and harpsichord and we enjoyed hearing your lovely announcement and confident performance.

Elliot (Alex’s student) has performed in public before but this was his first festival. We hope you enjoyed the experience and look forward to hearing you play again very soon!

Rachel (Alex’s student) performed a Grade 4 piece that she has recently learned and the piece was fluent and musical. Well done!

Lucille (Sam’s student) is also preparing for Trinity Initial and performed two of her exam pieces with precision and confidence. Lucille has performed at Dulwich College before but not on the lovely new Steinway so we hoped you enjoyed that experience!

Susannah and Edward (Lorraine’s students) performed in the Grade 1 class with a piece they have recently started learning. Well done to both of you for learning a new piece so quickly and a special congratulations to Susannah for her first festival performance. We are all thrilled that Edward won the first place and trophy for his performance of Red Square March by Geri A. Rea.

Isabelle (Alex’s student) has been working on the Grade 1 pieces and has taken part in every performance opportunity since she started learning with us. Bravo, Isabelle!

Samson, Orla, Miranda, Hannah, Luke and Adam (Lorraine’s students) performed in the Graded Exam classes as preparation for their upcoming Trinity College London exams. We hope you found the experience useful for putting the finishing touches to your exam pieces. Very well done to Samson on achieving 2nd place in the Grade 4 class for his performance of Cucumber Jam by Ben Crosland.