A letter to SE22 Piano School students from Lorraine Liyanage

Dear Pianists

I am writing to explain why we will no longer chase students who do not pay on time. Some of you may think this is an unnecessarily strict rule so I would like explain why we are doing this.

We have higher than ever numbers of pianists on our roster now. We are fully booked for lessons and have a very long waiting list.  Because of this, it is no longer possible to deal with the extra administration caused by late payers. Much of Lorraine’s holiday time is spent chasing students for payments and this is impacting on the time she would like to spend with her family and her many other musical activities linked to the piano school such organising school trips, the annual Winter Piano Recital and the Dulwich Music Festival. We have therefore taken the decision to automatically cancel the agreement for piano lessons for late payers and offer these spaces to people on the waiting list.

All students have agreed to the terms and conditions but there is a small yet significant number of late payers each term.

If you do not pay on time, your teacher does not get paid, and we pride ourselves on ensuring all our teachers are paid on time. Nobody should be expected to work for free, but this is the situation if our invoices are not paid on time. We publish the payment dates for the entire term in advance (see below) to help you ensure that you pay us on time. Hereon, if we do not receive your payment on time, we will assume that you no longer wish to have piano lessons with us and your space will be offered to the waiting list. We will not email you to chase payment but we will email you to inform you that lessons have been cancelled. 

The payment schedule is always available online for you to view. Please bookmark this page: http://www.se22piano.co.uk/timetable/

If you are going on holiday and will be unable to make payment on Monday 16th of December, we recommend you do the following:

1) Set up a Standing Order payment for this date. Remember to allow time for it to clear if your bank does not use Faster Payments.

2) Pay in cash at the lesson before this date.

If your lesson is not on Monday 16 December, the same rules apply and your bill needs to be settled on this date, not on any following days in that same week.

If you are unsure about any of the above, please email Lorraine.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring the SE22 Piano School runs efficiently.

SE22 Piano School

30 mins/£25
60 mins/£50

Autumn Term  (2013)
Monday 4 November to Saturday 21 December (7 weeks)

Third Payment Due on 16/12/2013:
7 lessons

Week 1 – 4th Nov
Week 2 – 11th Nov
Week 3 – 18th Nov
Week 4 – 25 Nov
Week 5 – 2 Dec
Week 6 – 9 Dec
Week 7 – 16 Dec (Payment due for 7 lessons)
Holiday: 22 Dec – 5th January (2 weeks)

Spring Term (2014)
Monday 6 January to Saturday 15 February (7 weeks)
Holiday: Sunday 16 February to Sunday 23 February
Monday 24 February to Saturday 5 April (6 weeks)
Holiday: Sunday 6 April to Sunday 20 April

Week 1 – 6 Jan
Week 2 – 13 Jan
Week 3 – 20 Jan
Week 4 – 27 Jan (Student Recital 25 Jan at All Saint’s Church)
Week 5 – 3 Feb
Week 6 – 10 Feb
Week 7 – 17 Feb (Payment due for 6 lessons)
Holiday: Monday 17 February to Sunday 23 February

Week 1 – 24 Feb
Week 2 – 3 Mar
Week 3 – 10 Mar
Week 4 – 17 Mar
Week 5 – 24 Mar
Week 6 – 31 Mar (Payment due for 5 lessons)

Summer Term (2014)
Monday 21 April – Saturday 24 May*
Holiday: Sunday 25 May to Sunday 1 June May
Monday 2 June to Saturday 26 July

Week 1 – 21 Apr
Week 2 – 28 Apr
Week 3 – 5 May
Week 4 – 12 May
Week 5 – 19 May (Payment due for 8 lessons)
Holiday: Sunday 25 May to Sunday 1 June May 

Week 1 – 2 Jun
Week 2 – 9 Jun
Week 3 – 16 Jun
Week 4 – 23 Jun
Week 5 – 30 Jun
Week 6 – 7 Jul
Week 7 – 14 Jul
Week 8 – 21 Jul

*Nb We offer lessons on all Bank Holidays so that all students receive the same number of lessons throughout the academic year.

Total Lessons in 2013/2014 = 40

Author: Lorraine Liyanage

Owner of the SE22 Piano School in East Dulwich. Founder and Director of the Dulwich Music Festival. Piano teacher based in East Dulwich since 2007.