Welcome to the SE22 Piano School!

Welcome to the SE22 Piano School! We are delighted that you are starting your musical journey with us. We are located in East Dulwich. [Map]
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Timetable for Lessons (password provided on 27/08 to everyone signed up for our mailing list).

Books to Purchase For Your First Lesson:

Music Notebook

Term Dates (check back for 2019 dates)
Autumn Half-Term 1: 03 Sept – 20 Oct ( 7 lessons)
Autumn Half-Term 2: 29 Oct – 15 Dec ( 7 lessons)

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Do I need a piano to start piano lessons?
Yes, you will need an acoustic or digital piano that is touch sensitive. A keyboard is not usually fit for purpose. We are happy to advise on a suitable instrument. See here for our recommended starter digital piano packages.

What happens if I can’t attend my lesson?
As we are a private school, we do not refund or reschedule your lesson if you are unable to attend.

I’ve decided to do another activity on the same day as my piano lesson, can I swap to another time?
Unfortunately, no. Putting together the timetable is like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube so your lesson time remains fixed for the academic year. Please do not schedule any activities in this time as we cannot guarantee we can find you a space when required with the same teacher.

I can’t come for my lesson on Monday, can I come on Saturday instead? Unfortunately, no. We have a team of 6 teachers working on set days per week with a tightly packed schedule. Not all of our teachers live in the local area and they are only available on their scheduled lesson to offer you a lesson.

When can I do my Grade 1 exam?
Exams are optional but if you show enthusiasm and can commit to at least 20 minutes practice a day, we will certainly be able to start you on the graded exam process.

How long will it take me to get to Grade 5?
There is no quick answer to this as every student learns differently but it can be around 6+ years from the time of starting piano lessons.

I am a beginner pianist, surely I can’t take part in the student recital?
Yes you can! We encourage all pianists to participate in our events, even if you’ve only had one lesson. There will be one of our teaching team there to support you and sit with you, if required. You will also get to hear pianists of a similar age performing and you’ll get to hear lots of great pieces that you can soon learn. We encourage all pianists to come to the recitals and competitions whether you are playing or not. We have an event soon, do come along! [More Info]

I am hoping to get a Music Scholarship to secondary school. Can you help me with that?
Yes we prepare a lot of students for entry to state and private schools on music scholarships. Do let your teacher know well in advance that you’d like to sit the entrance tests and we’ll come up with a plan of action! Find out more about the Music Aptitude Test that is used by secondary schools.

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Author: Lorraine Liyanage

Owner of the SE22 Piano School in East Dulwich. Founder and Director of the Dulwich Music Festival. Piano teacher based in East Dulwich since 2007.

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