Save a small business in Penge: SE20 Cycles

SE20 Cycles owner Winnie

As if Covid wasn’t tough enough for UK businesses we are now facing a huge hike in energy bills that are threatening many small businesses to close. The piano school has seen our energy bill double this month which is a tough amount to cover as we are still not yet back up to the number of students that we had pre-lockdown.

Since moving to Penge this year one of my regular hangouts as a keen cyclist and commuter has been SE20 Cycles on the high street. I dogsit a very cute Saluki greyhound every week and she’s a regular visitor to their cafe. Her owner also supplies SE20 cycles with yummy raw vegan treats. I’ve also had my bike serviced at a recent event organised by Hadley Property at the Blenheim Shopping Centre by Winnie, the owner of SE20 Cycles.

It’s one of the most treasured businesses in Penge and a hub for the local cycling community. I was sad to read that they are threatened with closure due to a huge energy bill of over £11,000 before the winter has even started. This is unaffordable for a small business, and if the money cannot be found, the shop is facing closure.

Friends and supporters at Penge Cycle Club have come together to raise funds required to pay this enormous fuel bill and to support the shop through the next few difficult winter months. The recent pandemic has taught us all the importance of friendship and community – we cannot allow this otherwise successful business to be lost due to this short-term crisis. Please consider donating whatever you can afford, small or large, and together we can save our wonderful local cycling hub!