Clementi Piano Competition in Kensington, March 2016


Muzio Clementi: Composer, pianist and father of the pianoforte.

Music educator and Clementi specialist Gary Branch and Dulwich Classical Keyboard Festival present a one day event for Clementi enthusiasts. celebrating the Italian-born British pianist and composer’s music.

Competitive classes (click for more information)
Beginner (Grade 0)
Junior (Grades 1 – 2)
Intermediate (Grade 3 – 6)

Built in 1737 Clementi House in Kensington has remained essentially unaltered for nearly three centuries, and retains the ambience of a traditional upper class English family home, which serves as to the present day while now being available virtually throughout as a film location for period drama.

At the Clementi home, lives a full copy of the Clementi family tree. The Clementi 1817 pianoforte is available to view for historic and decorative purposes only, with its original strings.

Some of Clementi’s most popular pieces for Junior level pianists can be heard below. Yohondo have produced two fantastic apps to help you learn the pieces:

Arietta, Grade 1
Allegro, Grade 3



Junior and senior competition classes will be held alongside short recitals by artists performing repertoire of Clementi, and his contemporaries on a McNulty fortepiano.

Fortepiano recitals will be held in the afternoon by Pawel Siwczak, Gary Branch and Sharona Joshua.

Clementi Fortepiano Celebration in Kensington

Meet the Student: Alanna

My name is Alanna Crouch and I am 7 years old. I love playing the piano especially when I am working on new pieces. I would like to be a concert pianist when I am older and I have to work really hard so I can play my best. I practise every day for a few hours and my mummy sits with me for most of the time but she lets me work on some of the easy pieces on my own so my sight reading will get better.

al2Last year I played a Mozart Piano Concerto with The Barbados National Symphony Orchestra. It was very exciting but playing with an orchestra is very different from playing on your own. I had to really listen to what the orchestra was playing to make sure I was playing the right parts at the right times and I had to pay attention to the conductor to see if she wanted me to slow down or get louder or softer. I really enjoyed playing with the orchestra so I must keep working hard so I can do something like that again.

Alanna is working on Grade 8 Piano. She studies with Lorraine Liyanage. She came 2nd in the Concerto Class and 1st in the Jazz Set Piece class at the 2013 Dulwich Music Festival.

Dulwich Piano Festival 2014 – Enter now!

A Piano Competition in London for pianists of all ages.
A Piano Competition in London for pianists of all ages.

Our 2014 Dulwich Piano Festival competition syllabus is online and you can enter and pay directly via our web site. We believe we might be the first music competition web site in the UK to have an online entry system. Goodbye paper forms!

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The Dulwich Piano Festival takes place on Saturday 14th & 15th of June. It is not possible to choose the day on which your classes will take place.

Entry deadline for piano classes: 1st May 2014

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The Dulwich Piano Festival is a competitive music festival for amateur musicians of all ages in the United Kingdom and beyond. Look out for our raffle prizes at several local school fairs where you can win free entry to one of the classes in the festival.