Announcing the 2013 SE22 Piano School Awards

The teachers from the SE22 Piano School will be meeting soon to discuss our nominations for our 2013 Piano Awards which will be presented at the Winter Recital. We honour students that show a consistent effort and always try hard. It doesn’t matter whether you always get the top grade, we just love to see a student try really hard and conquer new goals as a result of practising hard.


East Dulwich Piano Lessons  at the SE22 Piano School
Hannah (Dulwich Hamlets Junior School)

The awards are listed below along with the current holders:

Senior Achievement Trophy 
Pedro (Kingsdale) & Inigo (Hab’s)

Junior Achievement Trophy
Poppy (Alleyn’s)

Beginners’ Cup
Hannah (Dulwich Hamlets)

Piano Prize Winner Kingsdale
Pedro – Kingsdale Foundation School, Dulwich

Safiya (JAPS)

Rockschool Award
Agnes (Goodrich)

Theory Cup
Boo (St John’s and St Clement’s)

Teachers’ Medals
Kedar (Dulwich Prep London), Edie (Heber), Kate (Dulwich Village Infants School), Milo (Rosemead)

Poppy - Junior Shield, Alleyn's School
Poppy (Alleyn’s) – Junior Shield