Facing the Fear – A performance anxiety workshop for adult pianists

This event is primarily aimed at pianists who have limited or no experience of performing in public. The aim of this workshop is to offer techniques and strategies to overcome stage fright, and to encourage pianists of all levels to play with poise and confidence. We will also discuss stagecraft and how to present a polished, professional, performance. The workshop will include warm up exercises, and a group discussion about the causes of performance anxiety. Suitable for ages 18+.

Book your ticket via the link below:

We ask all participants to bring a very simple piece, or a piece which you know well, of around 1-2 minutes duration to perform to the group after the discussion. Please do not choose the hardest piece that you know. We also ask that you bring a piece that you can play using the score as playing from memory will not be required for this workshop.

Beginners are most welcome and encouraged.

Please note: If you are an advanced pianist with plenty of performing experience, please note that this event is not aimed at you and we ask you to book for an alternative event.

The group size will be only 6 pianists to ensure a small audience.

Afterwards, we will go to Cocoro Restaurant for dinner. Please advise at the time of booking your ticket if you would like to come for dinner as we will need to reserve a table.

Meet at street level outside The Music Studio at 6.55pm.

The event is 1 hour in duration. Observers are welcome but this will be charged at the full rate for performers.

VENUE: The Music Studios, 29 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2NQ