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accelerando / accel. gradually getting quicker
adagio slow
allegretto fairly quick (but not as quick as allegro)
allegro quick
andante at a medium (walking) speed
cantabile in a singing style
crescendo / cresc. / gradually getting louder
da capo / D.C. repeat from the beginning
dal segno / D.S. repeat from the sign
decrescendo / decresc. gradually getting quieter
diminuendo / dim. / gradually getting quieter
fine the end
/ forte loud
/ fortissimo very loud
legato smoothly
lento slow
mezzo half
/ mezzo forte moderately loud
/ mezzo piano moderately quiet
moderato moderately
/ piano quiet
/ pianissimo very quiet
poco a little
rallentando / rall. gradually getting slower
ritardando / rit. gradually getting slower
ritenuto / rit. held back
staccato / stacc. detached
tempo speed, time (a tempo: in time)
8va octave
 See this link for the musical symbols and other terms:

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