Music Aptitude Test: Bristol Cathedral Choir School

London Year 6 students: Don’t miss the deadline to apply to Bristol Cathedral Choir School on a Music Aptitude Test scholarship place for September 2016 entry. The important dates are listed below:

Saturday 26th September 2015
Submit the online Music Specialism Application form.

Monday 5th October 2015 at 5pm
All applicants to attend the MAT test. You can prepare for this 60-question test using the following specimen tests: These tests are a useful preparation tool for the Music Aptitude Test but there may be some variation to the test that the school uses.

Monday 12th October
All candidates achieving a certain mark will be invited for Round Two of the Music Aptitude Test.

You can download and practice the specimen Aural Tests online so that you know what kind of tests to expect.

Music Aptitude Test web site: