Preparing for the Music Aptitude Tests for State Secondary School admissions

It’s never too early to start preparing for the Music Aptitude Tests for students that are currently in Year 5 and will be applying for secondary schools to start in September of the following year.

Music Aptitude Test training

The musical aptitude test (MAT) allows state schools to select 10% of their intake on a music scholarship place. Not all schools use the test. You can find a list here. Please note that the list is exhaustive and please check validity as some schools vary the entry procedures from year to year.

The MAT is in two parts. All students who apply under this criterion will be invited to sit a written aptitude test in music. The test does not require any formal knowledge of musical theory and it is a listening test with multiple choice answers. Candidates successfully passing this test then proceed to the audition round which is Phase Two.

You can find out plenty of information about the MAT and preparation for the MAT here:

Here is a sample video of one of the sections of the test, Section 3: Texture

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